Value Proposition

    A value proposition is what lets the customer know why they should buy product or service. It tells the customer why my company is different or better than the competition. It also lets them know why they should buy from my company, not some other company. Looking at my business proposition, a mobile service repairing smartphones or tablets at the customer location, what is my value proposition? There are stores where they purchased the products. Also electronic retailers in strip malls. Not all of the aforementioned have a repair service available. They also might specialize in one brand, or worse, they dont specialize in any brand. Are the competitors experts in repair, how fast is their turnaround time, how much do they charge?
    To start my value proposition is being the one company that goes to the customer. They dont need to waste their valuable time looking for a place to have their device fixed. A technian skilled and knowledgeable on repair of smartphones & tablets will go to them. This is a customer centric approach. The service is revolving around the schedule of the customer & catering to their needs. The customer no longer has to take time out of their schedule. The customer can continue their schedule while their device is repaired.
    This is why people would buy this service; Almost 30% of cell phone owners cannot imagine being without their cellphone, 44% slept with their cellphone & 67% check their cellphones without reason, found on the Pew Research Center’s website; Pew Internet: Mobile by Joanna Brenner, Jun 6, 2013, (  For the typical smart device user a broken device is useless and has an immediate priority for repair. The demographic for these devices is educated, has money, is fairly young. They dont have the skills, equipment, knowledge or parts to do the repair themselves. They know its in their best interest to have a skilled technician do their repair.
    The best way to communicate to potential customers and let them know that a skilled technician can go to their location & do a repair is a vehicle wrap. It’s letting people see the technician in action. The vehicle is a mobile advertisement going from customer to customer. When it is at the customer’s location it’s still advertising the service. It does not matter if its a house, business or apartment. This is what separates this concept from a static location. The static location has the disadvantage of customers looking for them. The mobile service lets everyone know that it is at their location performing the service immediately. It satisfies the desire of the customer to have their problem fixed and an immediate return to normalcy.


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