Marketing Tools & Promotion Assignment

MobileSmart Phone & Tablet Repair

My consumer proposition is a mobile smartphone & tablet repair business. Being a mobile business & offering to provide repair at the customers residence or place of business for repairs that can be done immediately. For the consumer this will mean not having to waste their valuable time making a round trip & then waiting for their device to be repaired. Almost 30% of cell phone owners cannot imagine being without their cellphone, 44% slept with their cellphone & 67% check their cellphones without reason, found on the Pew Research Center’s website; Pew Internet: Mobile by Joanna Brenner, Jun 6, 2013, ( repairs that cannot be done within 20 minutes & requiring more extensive work such as water damaged products, the item can be picked up & returned to the customer by mail. Payment would be cash, check or credit card using a credit card reader. Cost for the part most damaged on the iPhone 4, the touchscreen, is about $18 on Ebay ( Typical repair prices vary between approximately $60 to $100 for consumers bringing or mailing in the damaged phone.  In addition to repair the business would also offer to purchase broken items with the intent of fixing & reselling them. The target market will be people with broken devices in the greater Cary NC area. Cary has a population of about 146,000 with a median age of 36.6 years & a median household income of $82,500. The population density is about 3460 people per square mile & the average commute time is approximately 20 minutes in the city. 57.1% of the Cary population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. ( The demographic data closely resembles the data for tablet users; income – $75k year, age – 35 to 44 & education level – 49% of college graduates, found on the Pew Research Center’s website; Tablet Ownership 2013, by Kathryn Zickuhr Jun 10, 2013 ,  ( . The same demographic data for Cary also is a match for smartphone owners based on their income – 78%, age – 91+%, & education level – 70%, found on the Pew Research Center’s website; Pew Internet: Mobile by Joanna Brenner, Jun 6, 2013, ( 

Wake Restaurant Equipment Oncall

My business to business proposition is sales & service of restaurant equipment in Wake County NC. This business will feature emergency & after hours rental of equipment when a business has a piece of equipment fail. Wake county has 648 full service restaurants ( It will give the option of a serviceable piece of used equipment in hours outside the normal service business hours for equipment that cannot be immediately serviced on site. The average daily sales for a restaurant is about $3,213 per day. The average cost of kitchen & bar equipment is about $115,655 ( A Southbend S36D-3T S-Series Restaurant Range can be found on the internet for $3,727.90 with free shipping but has a 10 business days lead time ( This same model can be purchased on Ebay for $1495 with free shipping & no lead time ( This is one example of how similar equipment can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of new & replace failed equipment to reduce downtime in a restaurant. This would be on a daily to weekly rental charge with an emphasis on speed of delivery & installation.

I chose the consumer proposition to provide the promotional plan supported by Standard Rate and Data Service. Advertising on the radio is important for reaching the target audience for two reasons; they have a smartphone or tablet that is not working, the right radio station reaches the right demographic. I chose WRDU-FM 100.7 firstly because of its location in proximity to Cary NC. And secondly its audience profile is primarily persons 25-54 ( This demographic matched the population of Cary NC,  and of smartphone or tablet users closely. This media is also the most likely to be used when internet access is not possible. The radio commercial would provide a phone number & a website for a simple way to contact & emphasis on mobile service to the consumer. A thirty second radio ad that is simple & easy to remember, “MobileSmart smartphone & tablet repair at your residence or business, just call 800-555-1234 or go to, thats 800-555-1234 or go to”. Social media via Facebook & Twitter will also reach this demographic based on age – adults 18-29 years old, college graduates – 65%, and household income over $75k – 68% (Buffer Social Media in 2013: User Demographics For Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest And Instagram, by Leo Widrich, May 2nd, 2013, This would reach the consumer who has alternate options for web access or someone associated with the consumer who can pass the contact information along.


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