An entrepreneur is someone who recognizes an opportunity to deliver a product or service and takes the initiative to start a business. The entrepreneur assumes the financial risks of starting & running a business. The goal of the entreneurial venture is to provide a product or service & make a profit. The entrepreneur is the person who starts the business venture & should not be confused with a business manager who is the daily manager of a business.
Entrepreneurs have several attributes that make them successful. They have vision to see opportunities through creative thinking & innovation. They are determined to take action & control their destiny. They have confidence in themselves & their decisions. They have a zeal for their venture’s product or service & perfecting it. They are optimistic & also willing to take risk(Small Business Entrepreneur, 24-25, Burke, 2006).
For the microentrepreneur my example is William Price. William has a full time job & also has his own office cleaning business which he has run successfully for many years. At the company I work at William has done more than just cleaning. He has also managed projects such as painting, lighting changes & office renovation. This is not the services that a typical office cleaning business provides. William saw the opportunity & had all the contacts to accomplish a conversion of warehouse space to an office & complete the project in just a few days.
William also saw an opportunity for car reposessing & towing. Two years ago he started a towing business & quickly has aquired his third towing truck.
William’s business’s are still small & he has no full time employee’s. They provide a profitable business on a small scale. They are in the scope of a microentrepreneur where one person can manage all aspects & delegate work to outside companies.
An example of macroentrepreneur is Steele Platt who is the founder of Yard House Restaurants which I mention on my blog; https://tmonastero.wordpress.com/. Steele started washing dishes in high school & had stayed in the industry throughout college. He used all the traits of an entrepreneur to start the Yard House Restaurants. The company started in Dec. 1996 & by 2004 they had sales of $60 million with 7 locations. Now they have sales in excess of $327 million & 46 locations in 16 states with 7 more locations coming soon. His design & concept is innovative & has proven to be very successful. What makes him a macroentrepreneur is the scale of the business including the sales figures, the number of locations & the number of employee’s. (http://www.yardhouse.com/about/our-founder.aspx)
What differentiate’s the micro from macro entrepreneur is the scale of the venture. A micro entrepreneur has skills which are not always adaptable to a larger entity. The macro entrepreneur has the skills to start a venture & see that it is successful on a large scale. The microentrepreneur is focused on his immediate environment whether that is physically within a distance or a niche that needs to be filled.


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