Client Fulfillment

For this assignment I will use MobileSmart Phone & Tablet Repair which is my proposition for a mobile smartphone & tablet repair business which is operated from home.

This is a mobile business which is offering to provide repair at the customers residence or place of business for repairs that can be done immediately. For the consumer this will mean not having to waste their valuable time making a round trip & then waiting for their device to be repaired. During initial contact by phone call or email, the type of repair is determined & this is used to calculate the cost & time to repair. Repairs have 2 initial categories; repairs that can be done onsite at the customers location & repairs that must be done at the shop(home). It is important to set the expectations of the customer during the initial contact. The customer needs to have a general idea of the time needed to fix their device & it is best to overestimate & exceed their expectations. After this is reviewed with the potential customer an appointment can be made for pickup of their broken phone or tablet. Type of device along with make & model are needed to determine what parts & tools are needed.

Multiple appointments can be scheduled per day. Since the general area has easy access  & multiple roads with low travel times the appointments are at the convenience of the customers. Technician will take the customer information along with information on the device for warranty purposes. This is the first direct contact with the customer & a chance to provide a business card for other potential customers. For devices that are not fixable the customer will be informed but not charged & advised that we can dispose of their device in an environmentally sound manner. Any devices received in this manner will be saved for parts & useless parts can be saved for a future trip to the local electronic waste facility. This time with the customer is also good to learn what other related services or products, such as accessories that the business can provide.

Customer service
The service technician will have contact with the customer initially & throughout the process of their device repair. This provides the customer with one face to associate the company with. The intention of the service provided is for it to be easy, quick & convenient for the customer. The technician will collect the fee by cash, check or charge using a smartphone cardreader. The technician will also provide customer service after the sale including warranty repairs. To maximize efficiency the customer will be educated on the company website with its faq’s, warranty info, & email address for questions not otherwise answered.

Human resources
As a single owner operator business a human resources position is not feasible & certainly not necessary.

There are many opportunities to find broken devices on Craigslist & Ebay. Ebay & Google are also easy to use for finding the tools & parts to learn how to repair them. Video’s that show how to fix them are on Youtube & guides are on IFIXIT & other websites. Devices that are purchased & fixed in this manner can be sold with a warranty of 6 months as another way to raise revenues. Unrepairable devices that the customers want disposed of are good learning also.


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